Sustainable charging: the combination of private wall boxes and photovoltaics for electric cars

The combination of electric cars and renewable energy is becoming increasingly attractive. One way to combine these two technologies is to use a private wall box with a photovoltaic system. In this blog post, you will learn why connecting a wall box to photovoltaics is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for charging your electric car.

  1. Own consumption of solar power: By installing a photovoltaic system on your roof, you can produce your own solar power. Instead of feeding this electricity into the grid, you can use it directly to charge your electric car. With a private wall box, you can use the generated solar power efficiently and shorten the charging times of your electric car. The result is sustainable mobility with a minimal carbon footprint.

  2. Cost savings: The combination of wall box and photovoltaic also offers financial advantages. By using your own solar power, you reduce your dependency on expensive grid power. Not only do you save money on charging costs, but you also lower your general energy costs. In addition, you can benefit from government subsidies and incentives that encourage the use of renewable energy.

  3. Intelligent control: Modern wall boxes enable intelligent control of the charging process in connection with the photovoltaic system. By using intelligent energy management systems, you can optimize the charging process so that it correlates with the solar radiation. This means that your electric car will be charged preferentially with solar power when the sun is shining. This maximizes your own consumption of solar power and minimizes the purchase of grid power.

  4. Contribution to the energy transition: The combination of private wall boxes and photovoltaics contributes to the energy transition. By using renewable energy to power your electric car, you reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You make an active contribution to climate protection and support the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.

The connection of a private wall box with a photovoltaic system offers numerous advantages. It enables self-consumption of solar power, saves costs, enables intelligent control of the charging process and contributes to the energy transition. If you own an electric car and have a photovoltaic system, you should definitely consider installing a wall box to take full advantage of this sustainable combination.

Discover our high-quality wall boxes, specially designed to connect to photovoltaic systems, and get in touch with our team of experts. We are happy to help you find the perfect solution for your sustainable charging solution. Let's shape the future of mobility together!

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