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Sponsored by the KFW Bank

Sponsored by the KFW Bank

After a nearly two-year hiatus, the German government is planning to reintroduce state subsidies for wall boxes - this time in conjunction with solar panels and energy storage systems. There are also funding opportunities in some municipalities.

KfW funding for private wall boxes should soon be possible again. In addition, municipalities and federal states have their own funding programs. However, it should be noted that grants from electricity suppliers are usually tied to a supply contract.

At the end of June 2023, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing announced a new subsidy for owners of electric cars. The program aims to provide financial support to private households who want to build self-powered charging stations. A total of 500 million euros is to be made available for private residential buildings to promote charging stations, photovoltaic systems and battery storage. However, according to the announcement, only those who purchase the full package can benefit from the promotion. This means an investment of tens of thousands of euros. Another requirement is that an electric car already exists or has been ordered.

The funding program is scheduled to start in autumn 2023, and the application process will be handled by the state-owned KfW bank. The Ministry of Transport expects a high number of applications from private households, which could possibly be in the five-digit range.

The exact subsidy rates will be announced by Wissing at a later date. It is also not yet certain whether the future grants will be granted as lump sums or percentage shares.

Already under Wissing's predecessor Andreas Scheuer, the federal government promoted the installation of charging stations in private households. However, the budget was used up in October 2021 and subsequently expired.