SXT Smart Charger TYPE 2 | 32A | 7.2kW | 5 meters

Type 2

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  • 7.2 kW max. charging power (configurable)
  • TYPE 2 connector
  • 1 phase
  • LCD screen
  • IP67 protection
  • easy charging of your e-car on the go!

This item comes with a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee at no extra charge.

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Product description:

The SXT Smart Charger TYPE 2 is the optimal charging solution for all electric vehicle owners looking for a powerful and reliable charging station. With a maximum charging power of 7.2 kW and a maximum output power of 32A, this smart charger offers everything you need for fast and convenient charging.

High-performance charging - always ready for the next trip:
With an impressive maximum charging power of 7.2 kW, you are able to charge your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently. It doesn't matter whether you only have a short time or want to prepare your vehicle for the next long distance - this Smart Charger is your reliable partner.

Powerful Output Power - Efficient Power Supply:
The maximum output power of 32A enables an efficient power supply for your electric vehicle. The single-phase power supply ensures reliable charging and provides your vehicle with the energy it needs.

Compatible and Convenient - TYPE 2 charging port:
The TYPE 2 charging port of the SXT Smart Charger TYPE 2 ensures high compatibility with most electric vehicles on the market. Connecting your electric car is quick, easy and hassle-free.

Compact and robust - space-saving design:
With dimensions of 22 cm x 10 cm x 5.6 cm, the SXT Smart Charger is compact and space-saving. It can be easily installed in your garage or other suitable places and blends harmoniously into any environment.

Weatherproof and durable - IP67 protection class:
The IP67 protection class makes this smart charger dustproof and waterproof. This makes it ideal for outdoor use and defies the challenges of a wide variety of weather conditions.

Integrated display - keep an eye on the charging process:
The SXT Smart Charger is equipped with a practical display that clearly shows you the current charging process. This gives you full control over the charging status of your electric vehicle at all times.

Simple and straightforward - No internet connection or mobile app connection:
The SXT Smart Charger can be operated intuitively and does not require an internet connection or mobile app connection. You can charge your electric vehicle easily and without additional technical requirements.

The SXT Smart Charger TYPE 2 | 32A | 7.2kW | 5 meters offers a powerful and convenient charging solution for your electric vehicle. Experience fast charging with comfort and security - no matter where you are. Discover the future of electric mobility and charge your vehicle reliably and efficiently. Discover now and experience electrifying mobility!

Technical specifications


SXT Smart Charger TYPE 2 | 32A | 7.2kW | 5 meters

Maximum charging power:

7.2 kW (configurable)

Maximum output power:


TYPE charging connector:


Dimensions (WxHxD):

22cm x 10cm x 5.6cm

IP protection class: