Wall box smart Pro 11 kW APP & RFID

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  • 11 kW max. charging power (configurable)
  • TYPE 2 connection
  • 3 phases
  • Mobile and external control via app (iOS & Android)
  • 4.3" LCD display
  • IP65 protection

This item comes with a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee at no extra charge.

Color: Black
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Product description:

The Wallbox Pro 11 kW from SXT energy solutions is the perfect charging solution for all electric vehicle owners who value efficient and future-proof charging technology. With impressive technical data and smart functions, this wall box sets new standards and offers you a top-class charging experience.

Maximum charging power - full throttle for your e-mobility:
With a configurable maximum charging power of 22 kW, the Wallbox Pro is designed to charge your electric vehicle quickly and reliably. Regardless of whether you just want to stop briefly or want to prepare your vehicle for the next long journey, this wall box is your reliable partner.

High-performance strong output - efficiency in every phase:
Thanks to the 32 A maximum output power and the 3 phases, the Wallbox Pro ensures an even and efficient power supply for your electric vehicle. So you are always ready for the next adventure without wasting time.

Versatile charging connector - compatibility at the highest level:
The Wallbox Pro's TYPE 2 charging port ensures wide compatibility with most electric vehicles on the market. No matter what brand or model you drive, this wall box is your reliable partner.

Robust construction - ready for every challenge:
With the IP65 protection class, the Wallbox Pro is well protected against dust and water, so you can install it both indoors and outdoors without hesitation. It defies the elements, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments.

Intuitive display - keep everything in view:
The 4.3" LCD screen display offers you an intuitive user interface on which you can clearly read the charging status, the charging capacity and other important information. This means you always have full control over the charging process.

Networked charging station - always up to date:
Thanks to WLAN support, you can easily connect the Wallbox Pro to the Internet. This enables you to easily perform firmware updates and benefit from new features as they become available.

Mobile app connection - charging convenience in your hand:
The Wallbox Pro is connected to a user-friendly app for Android and iOS. With this app you can remotely control the charging process, check the current status and much more. This makes charging your electric vehicle easier than ever.

Simple access control - security is a priority:
Thanks to the integrated RFID card function, you can efficiently control access to the Wallbox Pro. Only authorized users can use the charging station, so you don't have to worry about unauthorized access.

The Wallbox Pro 11 kW from SXT energy solutions combines performance, comfort and safety in an innovative package. Be inspired by the future of electric mobility and discover the full potential of this outstanding charging solution. Get ready for a new era of charging and drive ahead with full power!

Technical specifications


Wall box Pro 11 kW APP & RFID

Maximum charging power:

11 kW (configurable)

Maximum output power:


TYPE charging connector:


IP protection class:



3 phases