TYPE 2 to TYPE 2 EV charging cable 16A | 3.6kW / 22kW

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  • 3.6 or optionally 22 kW
  • 16A
  • Connection: Type 2 to Type 2
  • IP55

This article is delivered at no extra charge including a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

length: 3.6kW
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Product description:

The "TYPE 2 to TYPE 2 EV charging cable 16A | 3.6 kW / 22 kW" is a versatile and powerful charging cable that was specially developed for your electric mobility. There are two variants to match your individual charging needs: Variant 1 with a maximum charging power of 3.6 kW and Variant 2 with an impressive maximum charging power of 22 kW.

With a maximum output power of 16 A, this cable offers reliable and safe energy transfer between your electric vehicle and the charging station. The TYPE 2 charging connector ensures wide compatibility with most electric vehicles and charging stations.

The cable is equipped with a practical spiral construction for flexible handling and space-saving storage. You can extend or shorten the length of the cable as needed, which avoids annoying cable clutter.

The high-quality workmanship of the "TYPE 2 to TYPE 2 EV charging cable" meets the highest safety standards. With the IP protection class IP55, it is protected against dust and splash water, so you can use it safely both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you need a slow charge of 3.6 kW for everyday use or a fast charge of an impressive 22 kW for on the go, this charging cable offers you the performance and reliability you need. It allows you to conveniently and efficiently charge your electric vehicle so you are always ready for your next trip.

Decide now for the "TYPE 2 to TYPE 2 EV charging cable 16A | 3.6 kW / 22 kW" and take an active part in the future of electromobility. With this high-quality and adaptable charging cable, you are well equipped to maximize your eco-friendly driving experience and do your part to reduce the environmental impact of road transport.

Technical specifications


TYPE 2 to TYPE 2 EV charging cable 16A | 3.6kW / 22kW

Maximum charging power:


Maximum output power:


TYPE charging connector:


IP protection class:



1 Phase